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Prevent Break Ins

Prevent Break-ins Tips

According to FBI statistics, more than one million homes are broken into every year across the United States. Don’t let your home be the next victim. Put a stop to a burglar attempting to use your home as the next target by following these Prevent break-ins tips.

Time of Day

Set aside those images of night-time burglaries. While these do occur, there is a greater chance of a thief breaking into your home during the day when many people are at work.

Don’t Hand Your Keys To Strangers

Almost half of all break-ins are not forced attempts. In other words, either the door was left unlocked, or a key was left inside the lock or nearby in an easy-to-locate hiding place, allowing the burglar to simply walk inside, or a window was left open allowing the crook to climb or crawl into your house. Another way thieves get in is by using a copy of your key that you have either lost or given to a “trusted” person. Or, perhaps you just moved into the home and haven’t changed or rekeyed your locks yet, which means anyone the previous owner gave a key to still has access to your home.

Don’t Advertise Your Home As A Target Unknowingly

Setting out boxes of expensive gifts, such as a new television set or sound system, is an advertisement to a would-be burglar. The empty boxes tell everyone passing by that you have something valuable inside. Likewise, keep bicycles, scooters, and anything that a thief could easily walk away with or ride away on inside your garage. When you have safely tucked away inside your home, or when you leave for the day or evening, close your curtains or blinds so no one can peek in and get an overview of your house’s layout. Don’t leave expensive items in plain view.

Light it Up

If a burglar can tell that someone is home, there is a good chance he or she will pass your house by in exchange for an easier target. When you leave the house, create an illusion that someone is still inside. Leave a light on as well as a sound system or television that can be heard. Installing motion detector lights on the outside of the home is an easy step to trick a would-be robber as well. Even though you may think it’s obvious that the light is set on a timer or to detect motion, the crook still has to stop and wonder which often could mean the difference between your home becoming the target for crime or being passed by because it’s too risky.

Security Sign

As simple as it sounds, placing a security system sign in the yard often creates a deterrent. The burglar may test to see if the sign is truly valid, however, but it is sometimes all it takes to make the attempted break-in stop in its tracks.Mesa Locksmith

Secure Sliding Doors and Windows

Any easy access to your home needs to be secured. Some models of sliding doors are very easy to pop off of their frame, and an open window is a welcome sign for crooks. Sometimes, all it takes is a strong steel bar or wood plank to slide into the grooves in the sliding door’s tracks. Of course, a burglar could always break the glass, but installing a locking pin in your windows makes it so the window can only be opened a small amount, not enough to allow a person through the opening.

Window Air Conditioning Units

If you can move the window up from the outside of your air conditioning unit, it is a good idea to add a stopper to the window frame.

Landscaping and Fencing

Make sure you keep up your landscaping so that there are no tall shrubs or overgrown trees near windows or doors where a criminal could hide. Also, be careful when you install privacy fencing that it doesn’t create a safe haven for crooks to hang out until a more opportune time when they can easily gain access to your home.

Pick Up Newspapers and Mail

Sometimes, a would-be-burglar will stake out and watch how long it takes you to pick up and bring inside that newspaper that was delivered. Whenever you will be out of town, be sure to have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and mail regularly so as not to tip off a crook that the house is vacant.

Know Your Neighbors

One of the best ways to keep your home from being broken into is to know who your neighbors are. Neighborhoods who have neighbors looking out for each other are less likely to be hit by thieves because a stranger in the area will stand out, and neighbors will alert each other to be on the look out for them.

Social Media

While social media check-ins may be a nice way to gather friends, it’s also a news flash for burglars that you are not at home. Be careful what information you share your address or phone number. It’s a good idea to even keep your name off of the mailbox that includes your street address, and never announce on social media when you plan to be gone for vacation or business trips.

Lock Your House and Shut Garage Door

One of the easiest ways to prevent a break in is to lock your house. As simple as this sounds, many don’t heed this practice on a regular basis or forget thinking another family member locked up for the night. One of the most neglected points of entry is the garage. It’s easy to forget and leave a garage door open, and many houses have an entryway to the house through the garage.

Do your best to make sure your home is safe and secure by following these easy prevent break-ins tips. If you notice your locks are in disrepair or you have recently had a shake up in a relationship or just moved into a new home, it’s a good idea to call a professional locksmith to have your locks evaluated for a locks change or to have them rekeyed to make sure your keys are only in the hands of those you know you can trust.

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