the classes

  • Ongoing Scene Study/Exercise
  • Beginning Acting Technique
  • On-Camera I
  • On-Camera II
  • Monologue Workshop
  • Audition Workshop
  • Dialect Class
  • Song Interpretation Intensive with Betty Buckley
  • Body Dynamics™
  • Vocal Production – The Actor and the Voice
  • Private Coaching

(Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels)

Instructors: Terry Schreiber, Sally DunnJulie GarfieldPeter JensenLynn SingerPam Scott

Scenes are explored for clarity of events, individual objectives, beats and intentions. An emphasis is placed on character behavior, activities, inner monologue and emotional life. Personal, thorough and supportive critiques are given of each individual’s work. Exercises are used to help actors explore a character’s physical and emotional life, increase relaxation and concentration, and open up the actor’s instrument and imagination. Audition and a minimum of 3 consecutive 4-week cycles is required to start. After initial 3 cycles student may continue their studies on a month-to-month basis.

Each class meets once a week.

Terry Schreiber:

$250 per 4 class cycle

Sally Dunn:
$220 per 4 class cycle
Julie Garfield:
$220 per 4 class cycle

Peter Jensen:
$220 per 4 class cycle

Lynn Singer:

$220 per 4 class cycle

Pam Scott:
$220 per 4 class cycle

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Instructors: Julie GarfieldPeter JensenPamela Scott
The purpose of these classes are to prepare you for scene study. Classes are structured for beginning actors and actors who wish to brush up on their basic technique. They focus on teaching the basic tools of acting, utilizing physical and vocal warm ups, relaxation and concentration exercises, theatre games, improvisation, sensory work, and physical conditions. All exercise – no scene study. Interview and a minimum of 3 consecutive 4-week cycles is required to start. After initial 3 cycles student may continue their studies on a month-to-month basis.

Peter Jensen: Mondays: 7:00 – 11:00pm
$220 per 4 class cycle

Julie Garfield: Tuesdays: 6:00 – 10:00pm
$220 per 4 class cycle

Pamela Scott: Saturdays: 2:00 – 6:00pm
$220 per 4 class cycle

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On-Camera I

Instructor: Peter Miner

Within the framework of behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances, this course will explore character creation, needs, obstacles, and being in the moment. The focus will be on relaxation, listening, responding truthfully, and trusting that if you have prepared well, you can just let things happen – you don’t need to make things happen. Actors work on camera every class. This class has a 12 student maximum. It can be repeated.

(For current students, a teacher recommendation is required. For new students, an interview is required.)

Wenesdays 6:00-10:00pm
January 4th -February 8th, 2006
$390 ($325 if taken with scene study)

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On-Camera II

Instructor: Peter Miner

This class is for actors who have had previous training in how to prepare for a role. The first of the six classes focuses on auditioning for the camera. The remaining five sessions will focus on scenes.

During the scene work, work will be on listening, thinking, being in the moment, and stripping away anything being done to make sure the audience “gets it.” Work will be in close-ups and long shots to help you recognize your own truthfulness and simplicity, and to understand Ben Kingsley’s reminder that “the camera is allergic to acting.”

Each member of the class will work on camera during every class. This class has a 12 student maximum. It can be repeated.

(For current students, completion of On-Camera I or a teacher recommendation is required. For new students, an audition is required.)

Tuesdays, 6:00-10:00pm
January 10th- February 14th, 2006
$390 ($325 if taken with scene study)

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Instructor: Sally Dunn

The 5-WEEK MONOLOGUE INTENSIVE concentrates on the process and technique of successfully choosing and preparing a monologue for auditioning. You will learn what makes a good monologue and what you can do to make that monologue work for you. You will discover how to bring yourself to the author’s words, work with personalizations, opening beats and inner actions. The goal is for you to feel prepared, confident, and ready to go out there and get that job!

This class has a 10 student maximum.

(For current students, a teacher recommendation is required. For new students, an audition is required.)

Mondays,7pm -11pm
February 13th – March 13th, 2006
$295 ($230 with scene study)

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Instructor: Peter Miner

The premise of these classes is that auditioning is a skill which can be learned. And, that this skill, combined with an understanding of the audition process, can decrease the pain of auditioning, increase the pleasure, and heighten your chances of success. The initial class will be a lecture and question and answer session, covering homework, mechanics, pictures and resumes, self-preparation, and mailings. The remaining three classes will be workshops during which each member of the class will perform. The second week will be on-camera auditions, the third week monologues (for office and stage), and the final week stage auditions. The class is limited to 12 students.

(Open to all levels. No audition required)

Next Session TBA

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Dialect Class

Instructor: Page Clements

This class focuses on training the student actor to master dialects for stage & screen. The specific dialect taught will change with every five-week cycle. We will explore Standard British (RP), Cockney, Irish (Belfast & Dublin), Scottish as well as various American accents. A phonetic approach is used to strengthen the ear and provide the actor with the tools necessary to approach future work independent of the classroom. Space is limited to 12.

(Open to all levels. No audition required.)

Fridays 10am – Noon
January 6th – February 3rd, 2006
$150 per 5-week session
Dialect covered: British

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Anyone who has ever heard Betty sing can attest to the fact that she possesses one of the finest, and perhaps the most unique, instruments in musical theatre. She has a voice capable of piercing the soul both with its razor-edged belt and ethereal upper register. Her emotional connection to a song and an audience is renowned, and that very connection is at the heart of what she wants to teach students in her class. Her emphasis will be on sharing her unique method of telling a story through song, creating an emotional connection to the lyrics, and making those words come alive for an audience.

The first class will begin with a lecture covering spiritual philosophy and meditation technique as an approach to storytelling in song. Each subsequent class begins with meditation and moves on to individual work. An accompanist is provided. Auditors are welcome for a lesser fee. (For singers seriously pursuing a career in musical theatre/cabaret. Audition Required)

Next Session TBA

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Instructor: Carol Reynolds

Body Dynamics works with the body’s muscular defense system in an organized, practical approach to body awareness. It’s designed to free the actor’s body to its full range of emotional experience and to change energy-draining habits into energy-conserving behavior.

January 5th – March 23rd, 2006
6:30 -10:00pm
$570 ($505 with Scene Study)

For those students who have completed Body Dynamics and wish to continue their studies with Carol.

Wednesdays 7:00-10:00pm
Fee: $180/month
Contact Carol Reynolds at 212.288.8380

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Instructor: Lynn Singer

The Actor and the Voice develops the voice as a tool for the feeling body. Deep muscular release through breath, emotion memory, and visualization achieve clarity and the beauty of the spoken word. Speech work, voice placement, and other exercises are used as tools in character development. Class lasts 10 weeks.

January 5th – March 9, 2006

Thursdays 6pm-8pm

$410 ($345 with scene study)

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Instructors: Page ClementsJulie GarfieldSally DunnPeter Jensen

These one-hour private sessions give the actor an opportunity to work on material that cannot be covered in a scene study class – monologues, upcoming auditions, etc. They are provided for actors who are unable to attend a regular weekly class and need an intensive, personal one-on-one experience.

Scheduling done with the teacher.

Page Clements (845)313-8234
Julie Garfield: (212) 799-6967
Sally Dunn: (917) 769-7768
Peter Jensen: (212) 741-0209

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